Cosmetic Repair

With our reconditioning tools, proprietary paints, and clear coat process, we can remove curb rash, scrapes, gouges, and discoloration caused by age. It is a specialized process that ensures a match with the undamaged wheels.

There are many variations of standard silver wheel finishes, depending on the concentration of metallic within the paint. More metallic generally gives off a brighter finish, while less metallic yields a flatter finish. There is also a class of finishes known as hyper silver.

Our professionals are highly skilled in matching all these finishes. Polished aluminum wheels can also be brought back to look as if they are brand-new.


Brake Caliper Painting

Kwicksilver Of Virginia is excited to offer brake caliper painting at our new recon center in Stafford, VA. Are you looking for a customized look, Kwicksilver technician can change the color of your brake calipers to any color you desire. We have standard, high-gloss, wear-resistance colors including red, yellow, blue, silver, black, purple, green, white, gold, orange, and pink! We can match the brake calipers to the o. e. color of your car/truck as well.
Not only is our brake caliper painting unique and attractive, but it offers great chemical and physical protection to the caliper. Brake fluids, dust, road salt, dirt, even loose gravel can’t harm the high-gloss finish. We also offer a 100% product performance guarantee.



Turn Around Time, Care, & Maintenance:

In order to paint your brake calipers properly and allow sufficient drying time, we will need your car for at least 24 hours after the painting of you calipers is complete. Once the paint has fully cured, the vehicle may be driven as normal. Periodically clean brake calipers to maintain the high-gloss finish by simply spraying or wiping them off with a hose or damp cloth. Chemical cleaners will no longer be necessary.

Ready to give your car a custom look? Stop by or call us at 540-318-6639 for a free estimate!


Alloy Wheel Corrosion

Low Acid Spray Corrosion
Brake Dust Corrosion
Wheel Oxidation
Helpful Solutions

Wheel Replacement Services

O.E. Replacement Wheels

Kwicksilver of Virginia provides new and remanufactured aluminum, steel, and chrome replacement wheels. We have built a solid reputation with the needs of body shops, tire shops, rental car companies, auto dealerships and Insurance companies with our alloy wheel replacement options.

OEM Chrome Clad Wheels

Chrome clad can be described as a wheel that has a chromed stainless steel or plastic fascia that is permanently attached to a steel or alloy wheel. Once the wheel fascia is damaged, it is nearly impossible to repair.

Chrome Exchange

Kwicksilver of Virginia offers an alternative to the chrome plating process: Get the factory painted wheels you have chromed, through our chrome wheel exchange program. Save time and money. We have two options to chrome your wheels. 1. Our warehouse has over 500 set of wheels ready to go in stock.  If they have your wheels in stock, we can have them in three days. 2. If your wheel are not in stock at our warehouse, we can send your wheel out and have them chrome.  The turnaround time is 7-10 day.

Benefits of Kwicksilver of Virginia Wheel Replacements

  • Save 50 – 60% off the cost of a new wheel
  • We assure quality, integrity, and the best warranty in the industry
  • We have access to thousands of wheels ready to ship
  • A representative is ready to assist you with quality options
  • Express Service – most wheels delivered in 2 to 4 days